Monday, February 11, 2013

Less Money Spent on Less Testing

"Washington will be the only state to require students to pass five different tests to graduate."  I agree with State Superintendent Randy Dorn's initiative to reduce the number of tests and the amount of money being diverted to testing.  That's why I voted for him when he ran against former WEA president and three-term State Superintendent Terry Bergeson.  Bergeson spearheaded the WASL, with WEA support.  It's kind of ironic that now WEA's leadership is capitalizing on a growing anti-testing sentiment in the public--but it's a little hard to have much clout when you've led from behind, helped write and implement much of the state's testing regimen, and were seamlessly sutured to elected officials and politicians who sold the public on more and more tests as the answer to "failing" public schools.

Wash. schools boss aims to cut 2 graduation exams

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